You are not a gadget

You are not a gadget (source:

‘Maar in feite runt Facebook een spionageagentschap dat dossiers over de mensen aanlegt. Dat wordt ÔÇťadverteren, genoemd, maar eigenlijk wordt erveeleer toegang tot mensen verkocht. Dat is mensonterend.’ (Jaron Lanier)

Bron: De Standaard, 3 februari 2011

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  1. I’ll always have fond moimrees of Winamp as the first player I ever used for mp3s back around 1999. I loved it and stuck with it until a few years ago when I finally switched to foobar2000 (which I love and continue to use) after Winamp’s installer became a minefield of promo links and toolbars I had to tiptoe through during each update.Nevertheless, I’m sure it’s still an awesome player and it obviously has a large and devoted fanbase. I’m glad to see them adding WebM support.

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