Social Media Jongeren Onderzoek 2014

Facebook groeit nog steeds, Twitter op de weg terug

Voor het vijfde jaar heeft Newcom Research & Consultancy het Nationale Social Media Onderzoek uitgevoerd. Binnen het onderzoek van 2014 zijn 1.116 jongeren tussen de 15 en 19 jaar gevraagd naar hun gedrag op social media.

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Remove ‘’ / ‘’ from your wordpress blog?

So you’ve been breaking your head why multiple posts on your blog contain a hidden (javascript) link to the domain


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You removed all references in your database, and searched your entire wordpress installation, themes and plugins for infected files? Even searched for PHP eval(); functions etc…

And still it’s returning? Look no further, here’s the solution. You or one of the people who has been using your computer, or who has access to your blog and post rights, installed an extension in Mozilla Firefox called ‘pink theme’ (‘roze kleur thema’). It got installed by clicking on malicious Facebook posts.

This extension is adding url’s linking back to the (and other associated) domains when you add new posts on WordPress.

Remove the extension in Firefox. Remove all references in your WordPress database and start hunting down that user who’s been clicking on obscure Facebook links.

Dot com bubble revised

And now, thanks to a $500 million infusion of capital from Goldman Sachs and Russian investor Digital Sky Technologies, Facebook is reportedly worth $50 billion.

Oh, really?

If that $50 billion valuation is accurate, Facebook is now worth more than Yahoo!, eBay and Time Warner, and is running up hard against such Internet giants as Amazon and targeted rival Google.


Some, like Google and Amazon, developed an enduring online presence and lasting financial value. But far too many—GeoCities,,, and others—quickly lost value when it became apparent that their rapid growth wasn’t yielding revenue. Investors who sold their dotcom stocks before the bubble burst made fortunes—those who didn’t lost their shirts.

Source: Social Media: the next dot com bubble (Newsweek)