How to restore a lost bluetooth connection

A few days ago I encountered a strange bluetooth problem on my Windows 7 (64bit business, Dell E6520). While I was working suddenly my Dell bt travel mouse disconnected. Tried to reconnect a few times, but couldn’t get it working.

Swapped batteries, and tried another computer: no problem whatsoever. Began to think that I was facing a hardware problem (again!), but then I realized that the device might have been blocked somehow. And guess what… I went looking for “devices and printers” and the Dell bluetooth mouse was still listed, however not connected. The problem was easily solved by removing the device (right click, remove device) and then establishing a new connection.

Logitech Quickcam 4000 on Windows 7 64bit?

Having troubles installing your Logitech Quickcam on Windows 7?

When you went looking for the driver on the logitech support webpage, you’ve probably noticed only Vista 64 bit support. You can choose this file and try to install it from there. Sometimes it will work, if not … Continue reading “Logitech Quickcam 4000 on Windows 7 64bit?”

Intel – Draadloos netwerken

Volgende oplossing kan sommigen wel eens wat kopzorgen besparen. Onlangs probeerde ik een Dell Inspiron 6000 te verbinden met een WPA2-PSK-beveiligd netwerk. Via een gewone installatie van Windows XP service pack 2 geraakte ik er echter niet. Alle drivers waren nochtans ge├»nstalleerd. Continue reading “Intel – Draadloos netwerken”