Moving existing blogs to WordPress Multisite

All my blogs are now integrated in one WordPress Multisite installation. This will hopefully save me a lot of time in the future. Here’s how I moved my existings blogs…

  1. Upgrading existing blogs to WordPress 3.2 (done)
  2. Backup files (done)
  3. Backup databases (done)
  4. Exporting blog posts (done)
  5. Installing new WordPress 3.2 at the domain root (done)
  6. Enabling multisite (done)
  7. some custom .htaccess rewrites (done)
  8. Defining new blog 1 (done)
  9. Importing existing blog posts from directory 1 (done)
  10. Installing nextgen plugin /network activation (done)
  11. Migrating nextgen galleries from blog 1 (done)
  12. Defining new blog 2 (done)
  13. Importing existing blog posts from directory 2 (done)
  14. Installing Syntaxhighlighter evolved / network activation (done)
  15. Installing atahualpa 3.6.7 (done)
  16. Configuring atahualpa 3.6.7 (done)
  17. If you see this, then the main site has been moved (you’ll notice /blog/ has been replaced by /press/). Still fixing minor issues:
    •  How to get SyntaxHighlighter Evolved working along with Atahualpa theme.
    • Displaying the tag cloud with Atahualpa, spaces after comma’s have gone. Fix see: Atahualpa forum

While converting an existing WordPress installation to multisite isn’t that hard, you still need some knowledge on apache > mod_rewrite. For large blogs, migration can take a while considering not everything gets migrated automatically.

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