Flush buffers

(post was updated on 2014/07/31)

Sometimes you want to output HTML to the browser before a script has finished completely. In some browsers it takes a while before ‘some’ content is displayed. Flush buffers can help to actively force output to be shown.

A combination of PHP functions is useful to please all kinds of browsers. However the code below might no longer work in recent Apache/PHP environments. Still works locally on XAMPP

function flush_buffers(){

You should read http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4870697/php-flush-that-works-even-in-nginx. Maybe these adjustments will help you to implement the PHP flush functions.

Test code

for($i=0; $i<10; $i++){
    echo $i;
    //this is for the buffer achieve the minimum size in order to flush data
    echo str_repeat(' ',1024*64);

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