Winamp, need to change your media library location?

Winamp screenshot 5.601

Face it, your library location might change over time. When you’re using Winamp and don’t won’t to loose all valuable data like play count, last play date, … you probably searched around hours to find a solution on how to change the location to your media library (e.g. you swapped hard drives, bought a new pc, …). Rescanning your media folder is the easiest way to rebuild your media library, but you’ll loose play count, play dates and maybe more meta data.

I’ve searched the winamp forum for solutions, but the only result was people asking the same questions without getting the right answers. Depending on your Winamp version you might have tried some none working plugins too. The logical solution would be exporting your winamp media library to an iTunes XML format (and the export process will work!), but you’ll run into fatal errors when trying to import it. It all boils down to getting access to the core data file of your winamp media library (main.dat) and updating an outdated location to a hard drive or directory that has been moved. Continue reading “Winamp, need to change your media library location?”