Van Google Bookmarks naar Chrome Bookmarks

Heb je in het verleden ook steeds gebruik gemaakt van Google Bookmarks en je je altijd beklaagd dat deze niet gesynchroniseerd worden met Google Chrome en ver te zoeken zijn op je mobiele toestellen waar je ook Chrome gebruikt?

Simpel! Gebruik alleen nog Chrome Bookmarks en gooi je Google Bookmarks de deur uit, samen met de bijhorende Bookmarklet knop.
Je originele Google Bookmarks verhuis je gewoon naar Google Chrome.

Password protect a subsite in a WordPress network with .htaccess

A wordpress network / multisite setup uses virtual directories.

When you have a wordpress network setup on, you can have multiple blogs with only one WordPress installation, for example:

Suppose you want to password protect only one subsite e.g. ‘janedoe’, you can’t just create a ‘janedoe’ folder on your webserver with a particular .htaccess in it.

You need to create a secured environment for the virtual folder in your main .htaccess (where all other WordPress rules reside) using the following code:

SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI "^/janedoe/" SECURED
AuthType Basic
AuthName "restricted area"
AuthUserFile /home/mydomain/.htpasswd
require valid-user
Satisfy any
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
Deny from env=SECURED

Enable Apache Error Logging for Mod_Rewrite in Xampp

Mod_Rewrite enables you to do fancy stuff with URLs, but it isn’t always transparent when it comes to debugging. In a development environment it can be useful to enable apache error logging to see where a mod_rewrite line fails.

In XAMPP you can do this by opening httpd.conf (open control panel > config > Apache (httpd.conf)) and append mod_rewrite.c:trace3 to LogLevel.

LogLevel warn mod_rewrite.c:trace3

Social Media Jongeren Onderzoek 2014

Facebook groeit nog steeds, Twitter op de weg terug

Voor het vijfde jaar heeft Newcom Research & Consultancy het Nationale Social Media Onderzoek uitgevoerd. Binnen het onderzoek van 2014 zijn 1.116 jongeren tussen de 15 en 19 jaar gevraagd naar hun gedrag op social media.

via Social Media Jongeren Onderzoek 2014 – Newcom Research

24 Season 9: Jack Is back! May, 5th 2014

Jack is back to live another day. 24:Season 9 starts on the 5th of May on FOX. Follow news on twitter via #JackIsBack (and don’t forget, Cloe O’Brian is back too!)

Heroic agent Jack Bauer attempts to thwart an unthinkable terrorist attack in London that could change the world forever.

Mouse lag on Dell D5000 wireless docking station

Update on January 18th, 2015

I’m now using a single Dell 19:10 monitor with 1920*1200 resolution, which should be supported according to the D5000 specs. However, from time to time I see horizontal bars (video refresh problems?). Even with the lid open, and notebook screen off. The D5000 is positioned immediately behind the laptop. I sure hope this will be fixed with a firmware upgrade, but I haven’t seen any released lately.

Update on February 5th, 2014

This post was previously titled “Interference between Dell D5000 and Logitech Unifying receiver?”, but I have changed the title because it wasn’t accurate. The mouse lag also occurs with wired mice in combination with the Dell D5000 wireless dock. On the windows desktop (WIN+D) itself, there seems to be little to no lag, but on dense webpages or other applications, it looks like the mouse pointer can’t keep up. Maybe there’s a problem with the video refresh rate. Comments appreciated.

Original post on January 31st, 2014

I can’t help but noticing that there seems to be an interference between the Dell D5000 wireless docking station (WiGig) and the Logitech USB unifying connector which causes to lag mouse behaviour from time to time. When I move away from the wireless docking lag seems to stop. The unifying receiver operates on 2.5GHz while the Dell D5000 WiGig dock operates on 60 GHz frequency.

Logitech Unifying Receiver Dell D5000 wireless docking station WiGig

Although it’s still very preliminary to conclude that the interference is caused by these two devices, I’m glad to hear your comments if you encounter the same problems.

I have tried scenarios where the Unifying receiver is attached to the Dell D5000 or directly to the laptop’s USB ports.

Identity theft through social engineering, and cyber warfare

BBC Horizon – Defeating the Hackers

A BBC documentary about how teenagers steal your online identity by social engineering to the big guns: stuxnet, cyber warefare into detail.
The RSA algorithm: how public and private keys work through semi-primes and what the future of cryptography brings. Quantum cryptography and subconscious cordical cryptography.

WordPress Admin Running Slow? Here’s How To Fix It!

I update my WordPress Network quite often. Especially to prevent security issues. Load time for typical WordPress pages is as good as perfect. However, I discovered on some of my WordPress Network setups the wp-admin pages suddenly took forever to load. I was waiting 2 minutes to load any wp-admin page. After a long search I discovered the problem was a faulty db_version value in the wp_options table.


I usually auto update my sites and found out this value was not updated (or could not be updated automatically).

WordPress Codex pages ( list this value for every WordPress version. For example: Version 3.6 has database version 24448. Thus, you should update this value manually in your mySQL database: change db_version (option_name) in wp_options to 24448 (for version 3.6). You should repeat this for every site in your wordpress network (wp_2_options, wp_3_options, …).

It’s as ‘simple’ as that!